TNOI, LLC applies our mantra of Unbridled Innovation to all of our projects.† We excel at providing unrivaled solutions where others may only meet the minimum requirements or not be successful at all.† TNOI, LLC believes in identifying and addressing potential issues before they become a problem.† Failure is not an option when lives are on the line.† TNOI, LLC will satisfy your critical mission needs from start to finish.† Below are our areas of expertise.  



Tactical Systems and Deployments
Harsh/unfriendly environments
First-hand experience
Can deploy to anywhere in the world
Communications on the move

Data Center
Sever Virtualization
Virtual Networks
Cloud Computing
COOP/Disaster recovery
Contingency planning

Network Engineering
Global networks
Local area networks
Wi-Fi, WiMAX, microwave
Wireless site surveys
Satellite Communications
Aeronautical Systems
Converged Voice, Video, and Data
Capacity Planning

Hardware Independent Computing and Communications
Mobile solutions - PDA, Blackberry, Ultra Mobile PC
Windows solutions
Linux solutions

Government Unique
Cryptographic devices
Key management
Budget cycles
Procurement methods

Information Security
Remote access
Penetration Testing
NIST standards

General Areas
Systems Integration
Systems engineering
Tactical and long-term strategic planning
Enterprise architectures
Technology roadmaps
Product development